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Become An Instructor

How to become an instructor?

○ Every valid registered user can become an Instructor. After login, a navigation menu named “Instructor” is displayed up on the website. All the menu created for an instructor will be popped up after hovering over the Instructor menu. An instructor can create a course by filling all the required field of the Create course form which will be appeared after clicking on Create a course menu.

An instructor can provide valuable information like meta keywords and meta description while creating a course. It will increase traffic and make it easy for search engines to find and organize it. An instructor can see all the courses he’s made on the Dashboard. Every time an instructor creates or updates a course, it will be created with Pending status. The admin will approve the course and make it Active.

An instructor can add, edit or delete Sections and Lessons from editing the course. An instructor can add different types of the lesson like a video URL for video lesson, a text file, a pdf file an image file etc. An instructor can save a course in Draft. The draft course will not appear on the Admin panel. On the dashboard, there are a couple of menus like, “Active Courses”, “Pending Courses”, “Draft”, “Payment report” and “Payment Settings”.

Signing up as an instructor is FREE. However, after every successful course purchase, Admin will pay 70% portion of that payment amount to the instructor. The remaining 30% will be admin commission for site maintenance, payment gateway and other overheads.

All instructors are to provide support for subscribers when they have challenges with the course they purchase from the instructor.